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If you want to make your daily life more convenient, choose a high-quality garage door opener. And Fast Techs Garage Doors can help you right through every step of this process - from choosing the right opener to installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement. Therefore, if you’re looking for an upgrade, we have an extensive range of premium quality openers that are designed to add more efficiency and convenience to your daily life. No matter what your garage door’s make or model is, we can help you choose the right opener capable of handling it. Therefore, just get in touch with our experts and we’ll make the entire procedure simple and stress-free! Contact us.

Features and Options Available

The modern garage door openers come with various security and safety features. Many of the garage door openers have battery backup power to continue working even when the power is off. All garage door openers have safety sensors or photo eyes. These prevent the door from closing on objects or people. Also, internet connectivity is available with smartphone applications. That means, now you can both monitor and control your garage door remotely. The conventional wireless remotes now feature various frequency transmissions that overcome range and interference-related issues.

Now, you can have garage door openers that are interconnected to home security systems and you can operate them with remotes. The wall stations come with motion sensors that will turn on the lights when you walk into the garage while the timer-to-close settings let your garage door close automatically after a pre-programmed duration. Call us to know more.

Garage Doors Openers By Fast Techs Garage Doors

Installing a new garage door opener will improve the access, security, as well as safety features of your existing garage door. Whether you want multiple frequencies or rolling codes to internet access - the modern garage doors openers are combining home access, security, and convenience. Garage Door Openers come in three basic drive types. And you can choose one depending on your needs.

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers are definitely the most popular garage door opener sold today. And these are ideal for attached garages.

The belts operate silently, these are maintenance-free and come with a lifetime guarantee as well. Also, the motors are mounted on rubber bushings while the spring tensioners in the belt reduce vibration and noise. As a result, your garage door gets a smoother ride.

JackShaft Garage Door Openers

JackShaft or Wall-Mount Garage Door Openers are the most suitable choice for the showroom garage, obstructed ceilings, or vaulted ceilings.

These openers are mounted on the wall right next to the garage door. Thus, it frees the center of the garage from a traditional opener. These look stunning and their placement is unique. Great for discerning consumers.

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener


Chain Drive Garage Door Openers are the most powerful ones among all the garage door openers. Not only chain drives are more cost-effective than belt drives but also these have extra lifting capacity for heavy and oversized garage doors.

We can help you choose the right type of garage door depending on your requirements, preference, budget, etc. If you have any queries regarding our services, please call us or shoot us an email.


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